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Where will you get seeds when there is a major melt down in the economic system?

Wally World? NOPE– there will be NO stores with seeds in stock but you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have enough seeds tucked away to plant and harvest year after year to feed yourself and your children. Our Family First Supply Amish Heirloom Seed Bank is a result of extensive research and not finding what we and many others would call “the complete package.” Based on that fact we decided to make “the complete package.” Our Family First Seed Bank consists of not only vegetables like many of the inferior seed banks you see but also includes herbs and plants for medicinal purposes. This seed bank has been carefully chosen to be what we feel to be the most complete and well rounded and by far the best amount of high quality seeds you can get anywhere. After all our research we discovered that anything close to comparable to the Amish Heirloom Seed Bank would be well over one hundred dollars plus shipping. However, we felt that a price that high would make it harder for the average family that we want to reach, to be able to afford our product. All Amish Heirloom Seed Bank seed packs are sealed in a tamper evident sealed mylar/foil packet with a resealable zip-lock to save the seeds for a later planting and come in a 1.25 gallon Heavy Duty, Food Grade bucket.

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