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Do you want to prepare now or just wish you had when the SHTF??

This is the perfect choice for everyday gardeners and preppers!

Our seed bank is 100% AMISH HEIRLOOM, OPEN POLLINATED premium quality seeds from only the best suppliers in the country. Do you want to have the satisfaction of knowing you have enough seeds tucked away to plant and harvest year after year to feed yourself and your children? Our Family First Supply Amish Heirloom Seed Bank is a result of years of research and finding “the complete package.”  Our Family First Seed Bank consists of not only vegetables but also includes herbs and medicinal plants. This seed bank has been carefully chosen with the most complete and well rounded and by far the best amount of high quality seeds you can get anywhere.

Our goal in starting this company was to make the best premium quality seeds available to the average family with kids like us. That is why we price our seed banks so low, we get a great deal on the seeds and want to pass that along to help as many families be prepared.

We suggest buying two seed banks like a majority of our customers have done- one to use and one to store in the freezer for the hard times ahead we all know are coming…

All our Amish Heirloom Seed Bank seed packs are sealed in a extra heavy duty 4.5mil tamper evident sealed mylar/foil packet with a resealable zip-lock built in to save the seeds for a later planting and come in a 1.25 gallon Heavy Duty watertight bucket to keep your seeds clean and dry.

Spring SALE! $79.95   Now ONLY $69.95 for a limited time!

FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING to ALL 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii !!

Order NOW because it’s better to know you have security than wish you had it after a devastating event and you can’t order anymore……

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