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Amish Heirloom Seed Bank

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The Amish Heirloom Seed Bank contains over 40,000 Non-GMO, 100% Organic, Heirloom Seeds.

Each variety is packaged in a heavy duty ziploc mylar bag and labeled with detailed planting instructions.

The bags are then locked secure in a food grade screw top bucket.

The container is air tight and water proof, ensuring extreme long term storage of your heirloom seeds.

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100% Non-GMO, Amish Heirloom Seed Bank

Each Family First Supply Amish Heirloom Seed Bank consists of not only vegetables, but also includes valuable medicinal herbs and plants, which become priceless during a crisis event!

Hand made in the USA with only the finest quality heirloom seeds available. We only get our seeds from the most reliable and trusted sources, purchased exclusively from the Amish community.

Family First Supply is a family owned, home based, small business.  We use our own products and we are confident that the Amish Heirloom Seed Bank is the best value on the market!

We guarantee that you will love your Amish Heirloom Seed Bank and we stand by our product 100%!

Product Details:

      • 40,000+ Seeds!
      • 10 x’s Tomatoes and Cucumbers than the Competition!
      • 100% Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds!
      • 100% Amish Supplier in Business for 40+ Years!
      • Heavy Duty Mylar Ziploc Bag Packaging!
      • Heavy Duty, Food Grade 1.25 Gal Bucket!
      • Screw Top and Gasketed Lid!
      • Air Tight, Water/Rodent and Insect Proof!
      • Planting Instructions on Every Label!
      • 100% Made in USA Seeds, Bucket, Bags, Label even Ink!

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