How To Get Birds Out Of House Walls

The birds that will find their way into your house or the walls of your house are probably starlings.

The bad news is that there is nothing you can do to get them to leave unless, of course, they want to leave on their own.

They are very tenacious in staying in a place especially if they find it conducive enough for nesting.

To get them out, you will need the service of an exterminator and not a wildlife rehabilitator this is because wildlife rehabilitators are not trained or insured to get birds out of your house walls without causing any form of damage, and on a normal even when you call them, they won’t take up the task of getting birds out of your house walls and they will also tell you that.

Calling an exterminator on the other hand will get the job done and if you are having any kind of worries about baby birds, they will still come around to take care of that after the nests have been taken out of the walls.

This is, however, not a cheap option, but to prevent your house from being opened up for bugs and termites, mice, and weather damage to your walls, you will need to pay for birds to be taken out of the walls.

It either you pay up the bill now and save some funds or you pay up later by repairing an entire section of the wall of your house after you must have lost it.

How To Get Birds Out Of House Walls

  • You can just wait until the birds decide to leave on their own accord or you can decide to coax them out, after getting them out, ensure you have that part of the wall patched up or you may receive them as a visitor in the coming year again.
  • It is also better you patch it with something legit, do not use a screen with staples as the birds can take it apart with ease.
  • You can decide to buy a one-way trip if you are sure there are no baby birds stuck in the walls.
  • Tape the one-way trip to areas that they use as their entry points so they can be able to go out but not return.

Some birds are protected, for instance, bats, and you will have to wait for their babies to leave the nest before you can have them evicted.

It may take a couple of months, but once they start going in and out of the wall, simply tape the one-way trip to their entry point, so when they leave, they will be unable to return.

Is There A Way To Get Birds To Leave If They Are Nesting In Your Walls?

Yes, there are ways you can get birds to leave if they are nesting in your walls. One of such days is using the one-way trip.

There are not so many birds that will squat on your house walls, but among the ones that will do so are the Starlings and the Woodpeckers.

Starlings, unlike woodpeckers, do not make holes in the siding of your house but woodpeckers would make them dangerous to have on the side of your walls.

Before calling an exterminator, you should try and take a survey of the situation and determine if you will be able to approach to bird’s nest quietly without making much noise to alarm the adult starting in the nest.

Get the long-handled fish landing net and approach quietly to the net and get the landing up over the entrance without alarming the starling into leaving, if you are successful, the starting will be inside the net and you can take it far away from the house before you let it go.

If you find that impossible to achieve, your next best solution is to simply wait until the birds leave and then close up the holes.

  • Lure It Out

It sounds logical to lure a bird out of the wall since it got itself in, there should be a way for it to get itself out right?

In some cases it is feasible but common enough, the bird will get itself trapped and find it difficult to get itself out.

If you know where the bird entered from and you can figure it out, then luring it out might be an option.

You can do this by placing a bright light at the entrance to the wall and the birds will fly toward it, since birds like flying towards bright Light in any case.

Open windows to allow the birds to fly out and you can also play some bird songs close to the windows, the bird song is to convince the bird that it is safe for them to come out, if after doing that and the bird still does not come out, then it may be that the bird is finding it difficult to come out by itself and you can take further actions.

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  • Cut it out

If you have the right tools and equipment, you can consider taking matters into your own hands by bringing the bird out yourself.

Cut a large hole in the wall above the bird, to avoid cutting into electrical wires, cut shallow into the drywall, make the cut neatly and I’m such a way that you can have it easily patched up later without much trouble.

Once the piece of wall is removed the bird may either fly out of it suddenly, leave your door or windows open to the outside so the bird can fly right out of it, but if that is not the case, you can reach into the walls with gloved hands, pick up the bird carefully and then let it out gently after you have gone a long distance from your house, then come right back and seal the wall you broke.

Even though getting a bird out of the wall is a lot harder than the bird getting in, it is still possible with the right methods.

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